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  • General
    * Parking available on site. Parking cost is $5 per day in the lot connected to the venue. First come, first serve each day. * All patrons will be wanded by security and bags will be searched (also upon reentry). * No re-entry to venue after 7:00 PM each night. * Family friendly event. Kids 12 and under are free with a paying adult. This applies only to General Admission. For Box and Reserved seats, kids 12 and under must have a ticket. * St. Anthony Stage is standing room only and accessible to all ticket types (Box, Reserved, ADA, and GA) * Shuttles - click here for information. * Afterparty every night at the Rainbow Cafe - click here for information. * Is there a hashtag for the event?: Yep! Make sure to tag all your social posts (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.) with: #jackalopejamboree or #jackalope * Free water! You are welcome to bring in an EMPTY and TRANSPARENT plastic bottle to fill and use in the venue. Water will also be available for purchase. * Food vendors will be on site including vegetarian options. * Domestic & local craft beer available along with local wine. Drink tokens required and available for purchase on site. Tokens are valid for all three days of the event. Tokens are non-refundable. * Non-alcoholic beverages available. * No smoking or vaping except in designated area. * ADA seating is available. Contact for purchasing ADA seating. * Cash and Credit / Debit accepted. * ATMs available at the venue. * Alcohol policy: In order to prevent underage access to alcohol, we will be providing 21+ wristbands. Any minors found in possession of alcohol will be asked to leave the festival venue. Any adult providing alcohol to minors will also lose their credentials and be asked to leave the festival venue. You may not bring alcohol in or out of the venue. * Medical tent: CHI St. Anthony Hospital will have professional staff at the event each day. Hand sanitizer and face masks available at their tent, if needed.
  • Ticketing
    * Subject to availability, day-of-show tickets can be purchased at the venue ticket booth. The ticket booths are located to the left of the entrance. * Venue ticket booths open at 12:00 PM Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Pendleton Round-Up ticket office open 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM Thursday & Friday; 10 AM - 2:00 PM Saturday. * Lost your tickets? Contact Pendleton Round-up (our ticketing provider) Customer Service and they can help! Email: * Ticket purchases are non-refundable and non-exchangeable.
  • What is not allowed in the venue?
    * No weapons including guns, knives of any size, mace, tasers, fireworks, drones, laser pointers, and hazardous materials. * But I have a conceal carry permit? Still a No. Absolutely no firearms are allowed at the event. * Bags cannot exceed 14”x14”x”6". All bags are subject to search. No oversized bags will be permitted in the venue. * Audio/Video/Photo Policy: No audio recording. No video recording. No professional photography without appropriate media credentials. Professional cameras are defined as those with any protruding lens. Cell phone cameras are permitted. * Outside food or beverages. * Drugs * Drones * Fireworks * Umbrellas * Coolers * Animals are not allowed inside the venue. However, licensed service animals are permitted with verified credentials/license. * Chairs of any kind. * Any item that will obstruct the view of patrons. * Racist, homophobic, sexist, bigoted views. Jackalope Jamboree is an inclusive, non-discriminatory event. * Additional items at the discretion of security and management. Items violating these rules will be confiscated and violators will be subject to removal from the venue and referred to local law enforcement. Jackalope Jamboree attendance is at your own risk. No liability will be assumed by Jackalope Jamboree owners, staff, volunteers, sponsors, vendors, or anyone else associated with the event. Secure your possessions. Jackalope Jamboree owners assume no responsibility for lost or stolen items.
  • What is allowed in the venue?
    * EMPTY and TRANSPARENT plastic bottle for water. EMPTY Camelbaks are allowed too. Water stations will be available. * Blankets * Sunscreen * Seat cushions (max size: 18"x14"). No back rests or metal allowed. * Baby formula / breast milk * Baby strollers * Personal medical needs (e.g. walkers, canes, etc.) - contact
  • RV/Trailer/Vehicle Camping
    * Check in times and location: Thursday & Friday 1200 PM - 6:00 PM Saturday 12:00 PM - 3:00 PM Check-in tent located on 18th St. next to the Pendleton Convention Center parking lot. * All campsites are within walking distance, less than 400 meters, from the venue. * Showers are available at the Pendleton Aquatic Center on Friday and Saturday morning from 7:00 AM to 10:00 AM ($3 per person/per day). Bring your own supplies (towel, soap, etc.) * Straight or angle parking will be mandatory for all spaces. We will not allow RV/trailers/cars to form squares. * No weapons including knives of any size, guns (regardless if you have a concealed permit), tasers, fireworks, drones, laser pointers, and hazardous materials. * But I have a conceal carry permit? Still a No. Absolutely no firearms are allowed at the event. * Generators are allowed. Please be respectful of your neighbors. * Gas or propane grills for cooking are allowed. Fires or open flames of any kind are not allowed. * Quiet hours are 1:00 AM - 7:00 AM. * No large external speakers will be allowed. Loud music, parties and anything that disturbs neighbors or other campers will not be tolerated. We do not expect total quiet and want everyone to have a good time. However, please respect your fellow campers and nearby neighborhood. * There will be an after-hours security patrol Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights. * Security officers have the authority to ask any person or group of people who are abusing the noise curfew to leave the grounds without a refund. All state and local laws will be enforced by law enforcement personnel. * Checkout is 12:00 PM on Sunday, June 25th. * Dumpsters will be available at each camping location. Please pick up your trash during your stay and when leaving. * Irresponsible use of alcohol can and will result in ejection from campsites. * No underage consumption of alcohol and no drugs. * No golf carts, motorized scooters, dirt bikes, or ATVs are allowed in camping areas. * No flag poles or extendable poles allowed on your RV/trailer/vehicle/tent. * No vending is allowed in the campgrounds. Violators will be removed from the premises. * Dogs are allowed in camping areas, but must always be on a leash or inside your vehicle. Dogs are not to be chained outside vehicles overnight or when you are away. You must clean up after your dog. Please be respectful of other campers. * Pets cannot be left inside hot vehicles. If an animal is found in a hot vehicle, your window will be broken to remove the animal and authorities will be contacted. * Secure your possessions. Jackalope Jamboree is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • Health Information
    * First-Aid station available on site provide at the St. Anthony medical trailer. Hand sanitizer and face masks will also be available. * If you have any symptoms of COVID-19, please refrain from attending the event. If you notice symptoms while at the event, please exit the event immediately.
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